What’s the difference between a miter, table, and atomic circular saw in Tulsa?

May 21, 2021 at 7:00 AM
What’s the difference between a miter, table, and atomic circular saw in Tulsa?

When you’re building out your workshop, it’s important to have the right tools that you need. A good craftsman always has the right tools for the job and understands the need to have a variety to choose from. At The Tool Cabin, we’re experts in outfitting you with the right tools for your next job. We can help sort out the difference between a standard circular saw and an atomic circular saw in Tulsa as well as a miter or table saw. Keep reading to learn more.

Circular saw

Just about every major tool manufacturer makes a circular saw. It’s considered one of the most basic tools that every carpenter needs to have in their tool shed. These are handheld saws that use a circular blade and are great for ripping or crosscutting plywood or planks when equipped with the proper blade.

While these saws can be bulky, there’s an option to carry a smaller and lighter saw with a DeWalt atomic circular saw. This cordless circular saw is small but mighty and uses a four-and-a-half-inch blade for ripping sheets or cutting through 2x4 lumber. If you prefer other brands, Milwaukee and Makita also make mini circular saws.

Miter saw

Using a miter saw is similar to using a circular saw but it’s fixed to an arm or track. The base comes with guides that will help you to make cuts from zero to 180 degrees simply by adjusting the blade on a swivel. This saw also has a guard that’s in place as long as the blade is upright and at rest. This saw makes for fast and simple cuts as you’re able to use the handle to bring the blade down to where you’re working.

One of the benefits of using a miter saw is its simplicity. You can butt the piece of wood that needs cutting firmly against the rear plate for security and bring the blade down to perform the cut. A miter saw gives you complete control of the blade with an arm that allows you to slowly and steadily bring the blade down for your cut.

Table saw

In contrast to using a circular saw or miter saw, the user takes the wood to the blade rather than bringing the blade to the wood. The circular blade is fixed inside of a table and is driven by an electric motor. The table is equipped with guides that allow the user to make angled cuts up to 90 degrees. Additionally, the table can be slanted at an angle to allow for beveled cuts. When this is done, the blade remains perpendicular to the ground and the wood to guide the blade at the desired angle.

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