Is That Buckingham Tool Apron Right for You? | 5 Things to Consider Before Buying A New Tool Apron in Tulsa

May 11, 2020 at 4:00 AM

So much depends on the humble tool apron. Whether you’re a carpenter, a plumber or another skilled tradesman, you know how important a quality apron can be — in fact, it’s necessary for safety on jobs such as welding or construction. They’re great for keeping clothes free from dust and dirt, and they make tools more accessible to save you time and effort.

We know that quality tool aprons are one of the best investments you can make; but we also know that there are a lot of choices out there that can make finding the right apron difficult. With all these years of experience under our tool belt, we figured we’d try and make things easier for you.

If you’re in the market for a tool apron from one of the big brands like Buckingham, our Tulsa team has a few things for you to consider. Here are the top five elements you need to look at before picking out a tool apron.

Picking the Perfect Tool Apron: 5 Elements to Consider

Not all tool aprons are created equal so shopping for one can be a hassle. Next time you’re trying to find the perfect apron for the job, keep these five things in mind.

1. Fit. Size matters when you’re buying an apron, so be sure to choose one that fits. Too big and it will get in the way of working safely. Too small and you’ll probably be uncomfortable. Aprons that can be easily adjusted are a big plus.

2. Comfort. Yes, fit matters but don’t forget to consider weight as well. Some aprons can weigh more than 2 lbs. — and that’s before you load them up. When it comes to comfort, it pays to invest in quality materials and padding.

3. Pockets. What’s a tool apron without pockets? Consider the number of pockets, the sizes and depths, and how durable they are. Are you looking for closed pouches, open pockets, deep or shallow bags? Do you need a hammer loop or somewhere to clip your tape measure?

4. Purpose. What you’re using an apron for will determine what type you buy. Materials come into play here — choose heavier and sturdier aprons to help prevent punctures, scratches and abrasions to your skin, and go with waterproof or easy-to-clean materials for plumbing or carpentry jobs.

5. Durability. Leather, nylon, canvas — there are a variety of materials to choose from that directly affect durability. Some, like nylon and synthetic fiber, are easier to care for, while others like leather require more love but can last for a long time. While most tool aprons are designed to handle the wear and tear of the job, it’s still important to invest in strong materials so you don’t have to constantly replace your apron.

From Buckingham to Dewalt, Our Tulsa Tool Aprons Can’t be Beat

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