This Gadget Helps Tulsa’s Tradesmen Protect Expensive Power Tools

September 30, 2020 at 6:00 AM
Tulsa's tradesmen rely on this gadget to protect their power tools

It’s simple, but it’s the truth. Without expensive tools, tradesmen simply can’t do their jobs. And when tools go missing or get stolen, many companies and independent tradesmen simply don’t have the budgets, bandwidth, or resources to replace essential tools to keep income flowing and clients satisfied.

The Tool Cabin has the power tools Tulsa’s tradesmen need. But it’s not just our wide selection that keeps our customers satisfied. The Tool Guard, our signature product, enables tradesmen to keep tabs on their tools and track them virtually anywhere around the globe, saving them significant sums due to loss and theft. Here’s how it works, and how you can get The Tool Guard to keep your tools safe.

What is The Tool Guard?

When you invest in your tools, you’re not only investing money into the initial purchase, but you’re also devoting money to your livelihood. Without these tools, you simply cannot perform your job. That’s why installing The Tool Guard not only saves you money in the event of a loss, but enables you to keep earning money job after job after job.

How does The Tool Guard work?

The Tool Guard is an easy-to-install application that allows you to find any lost or stolen tools, whether right here in Tulsa or as far away as overseas. It works by:

  • Relying on internal GPS tracking to find your tools via its mobile app
  • Deterring and preventing theft while seamlessly affixed to a variety of tools

One of the key reasons The Tool Guard is so useful is that its range extends well beyond that of traditional tracking devices that utilize Bluetooth capabilities. Bluetooth tracking has a short range and doesn’t help if your tools are stolen and are taken far outside the job site—like to another town or even country.

Because The Tool Guard uses GPS tracking, you can rest assured that, should your tools find their way far from Tulsa, you can track them easily, right from your phone. Not only does this allow you to pinpoint your tools, but it gives you the chance to tell local authorities exactly where your tools are located. From there, you can coordinate communication with them to return your tools.

Unbound by batteries

Because not every tool uses the same battery type, The Tool Guard’s application makes it easy to affix to the industry’s leading brands, as well as more niche offerings. Via its slide-in battery application, you can insert The Tool Guard in the following tool brands:

  • Bosch
  • Buckingham
  • DeWalt
  • Makita
  • Milwaukee
  • Paslode
  • Senco
  • And many more

But if you’re concerned about The Tool Guard draining your tools’ batteries, don’t worry. We recognized this as a potential issue during the earliest design phases. To bypass energy issues, The Tool Guard comes with its own battery, meaning that it won’t impact your tools’ performance or drain their batteries faster. This means that, no matter how much you use your tools, The Tool Guard’s presence inside them only delivers the peace of mind that you can find that tool if it goes missing or is stolen.

The Tool Guard is the future of tool security

We know that your tools are the key to your livelihood, and we understand that that’s why investing in industry-leading, durable tools is the key to sustained income and customer satisfaction.

No other offering delivers the security and investment protection as The Tool Guard, and we’re convinced that, with your support, we can create a product that will revolutionize tools protection for years to come.

Pledge your support today to help us bring The Tool Guard to market, or reach out to us with any questions.