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Household Electrical 4-Piece Tester Kit

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This indispensable household tester kit includes the most commonly used testers to test Continuity, Voltage, receptacles, batteries, and USB ports. Continuity tester tests continuity on fuses, wires, light bulbs and ground continuity. Simply attach the alligator clip to one end of the fuse, wire or lamp being tested, touch the probe tip to the other end and an indicator bulb will glow if continuity is present. The tester runs on (2) LR-44 batteries (not included). The voltage tester tests voltage and polarity in outlets. If voltage is present neon indicator will glow and polarity indicator glows when live side of receptacle touches the probe. The included receptacle tester detects common wiring problems in standard outlets. Simply plug it in and view the light pattern on the tester to determine if it's correct, open ground, open neutral, open hot, hot/grd reverse, or hot/neu reverse. Tester works on 110-125 VAC receptacles only and will not indicate quality of ground. The battery tester tests common household battery types (AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V batteries) to determine existing charge. Finally, the USB tester can check USB ports for the presence of voltage and test for proper wiring and polarity. Simply plug it into a USB port and the indicator bulb will glow a certain color to tell you the condition of the USB port.