Never Lose Your Tools Again with The Tool Guard from The Tool Cabin

August 28, 2020 at 6:00 AM
introducing the tool guard from the tool cabin

Millions of dollars worth of tools are stolen or lost each year in the United States, leaving many tradesmen unable to replace their tools, ultimately unable to continue working at full capacity. Additionally, only a fraction of these stolen or lost tools is recovered.

The Tool Cabin knows how detrimental tool theft or misplacement is for Tulsa’s tradesmen and businesses. That’s why we’re proud to introduce The Tool Guard. With GPS tracking integration and a host of personalization features, you can track your tools anywhere across the United States and many locations abroad. Here’s how it works.

What is The Tool Guard?

The Tool Guard is the solution to tracking down missing or stolen tools. Its simple-to-install application makes it ideal for tradesmen who have many tools to keep tabs on. It offers unmatched capabilities to keep your tools safe, including:

  • Deterring theft
  • GPS tracking via the mobile app
  • Fitting seamlessly in your tools
  • Assisting authorities in locating stolen tools

While similar products that rely on Bluetooth capability may help you locate your tools within a relatively limited range, The Tool Guard’s GPS-enabled technology allows you to locate your tools anywhere in the United States. It also allows location tracking in many other countries, depending on those countries’ digital infrastructures.

What makes The Tool Guard Unique?

The Tool Guard is designed to attach to the world’s most popular and lesser-appreciated tool brands that employ a slide-in battery application. It is the world’s first tool tracking device to utilize GPS that also attaches easily to virtually all major tool brands, including:

  • Milwaukee (5AH battery)
  • DeWalt (5AH battery and 6AH Flexvolt battery)
  • Makita (5AH battery)
  • Bosch (4Ah battery)
  • Paslode
  • Senco
  • Buckingham
  • And more

But beyond offering tradesmen and companies unrivaled security and tracking, we understand that battery life is essential to getting the job done on time with minimal interruptions. That’s why we gave The Tool Guard its own battery, meaning that it requires no additional power from your tools our other cables.

The Tool Guard’s battery delivers continuous charge to offer tracking if you misplace your tools are have had the misfortune of someone stealing them. Unlike Bluetooth, you can rest assured that you can track your tools virtually anywhere, so you never have to worry about them being out of range.

Why The Tool Cabin created The Tool Guard

As members of the tools industry, we understand how important it is to not only have the right tools for any job but to make sure those tools last for years to come. Because too many tools are stolen or misplaced, we knew that our tradesmen needed a reliable solution to ensure they could find their tools if they went missing.

Support The Tool Guard’s Kickstarter today

We know that tools are essential to companies’ and tradesmen’s livelihoods, and any loss creates an undue burden on their business. But with The Tool Guard, you never have to worry about not being able to locate your tools again.

Learn more about The Tool Guard and pledge your support at our Kickstarter page, and guarantee your access to The Tool Guard as soon as it’s available. As always, reach out to The Tool Cabin with any questions.