3 Most Important Hand Power Tools for Home Improvement on Discount

December 22, 2020 at 10:30 PM
Discount hand power tools will change the way you work on your home.

Every home should have a toolbox containing the essentials for basic home repairs and improvement projects. If you’re a first-time homeowner, chances are your home repair tool kit until now comprised an email address for your landlord or building maintenance. If you’ve owned your home for a while, you may be on the third or fourth generation of your tools for home improvement and repair. Your drill bit set is missing more than a few pieces, and you’ve permanently misplaced your rechargeable battery for a few of your power tools.

Maybe you’ve never even considered what hand power tools you really need for home improvement. You’ve just purchased hand power tools when they went on discount, or when you needed them in an emergency for a repair.

Owning high-quality tools will empower you to be more than just a home improvement hobbyist. You’ll feel capable of taking on more significant projects and transforming your house into the home of your dreams.

These three hand power tools are the most important for home improvement.

#1. Cordless Power Drill

If there’s one tool you’ll reach for more than any other while working on your home; it’s a cordless power drill. From basic carpentry projects to installing shelves, repairing cabinets and closets, or full renovations, your cordless drill will be by your side. Pair it with a drill bit set, and there isn’t much you can’t take on around the house. At The Tool Cabin, we carry an array of brands, including:

  • DeWalt
  • Milwaukee
  • Makita

Plus, we offer ongoing support in case something breaks while your drill is still under warranty. We’re practiced at navigating brand warranties, so you get the repairs you need.

#2. Circular Saw

To take on extensive home improvement projects, you need various saws, including a chop saw, table saw, and jigsaw. They’re each well suited for unique tasks. However, you can make do in most situations with a circular saw when you’re just getting started setting up your home shop. Some advantages of the circular saw:

  • Adjustable blade height for thru-cuts or scoring.
  • Circular blade for ripping lumber lengthwise, across, or plywood.
  • Optional worm drive for more torque and maneuverability.

At The Tool Cabin, our experts can walk you through the various brands, from discount hand power tools to high-end worm drive saws.

#3. Orbital Sander

If you’re going to be doing any carpentry at all, you need an orbital sander. From craft projects to big home improvement projects, you won’t believe how often it comes in handy. They’re so popular that you’ll often find them among discount hand power tools. When you buy from a small business in Tulsa, OK, you’ll get ongoing support and repair in case your orbital sander breaks. Here are just some benefits of using an orbital sander:

  • Shorten work time on projects.
  • Get superior finishes on craft projects, carpentry, and home improvement.
  • Switch between grits with ease during complicated projects.

The Tool Cabin carries popular brands such as Senco, DeWalt, and Makita.

To find the discount hand power tools you need for your next home improvement project, contact The Tool Cabin.

We do more than sell discount hand power tools here at The Tool Cabin. We provide hobbyists and craftspeople with the high-quality tools they need for their construction jobs done right. Our expert team will match you with the tools you need, whether you’re making simple home improvements or tackling a major project.

At The Tool Cabin, we understand that not everyone has the cash on hand to make a big tool purchase. We offer an array of interest-free financing options, plus layaway and lease-to-own, which don’t require credit checks. If you’re in the market for essential hand power tools, contact The Tool Cabin in Tulsa, OK.