Celebrate National Welding Month with Welding Supplies in Tulsa

April 8, 2020 at 4:00 AM
by The Tool Cabin
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In 1996, the month of April was designated as the National Welding Month. It is a time to remember and thank everybody involved in the assembly of structures and machinery.

As welders and suppliers of welding supplies in Tulsa, we join all the professional welders in celebrating the National Welding Month. We understand how integral their role is in the retail infrastructure and home improvement industry. Without the effort of welders, we would not have any vehicles, ships, machines, and some buildings.

The National Welding Month presents an opportunity to spread the message about the importance of welding. It is also a time that we should teach the new generation about the benefits of choosing welding as a career. Additionally, we should let people know what welders do and how valuable they are to society.

According to the American Welding Society, if we do not teach the newer generation about the importance of the welding trade, we risk having a shortage of skilled welding professionals in the future. Therefore, some of the ways we can encourage welders to celebrate this National Welding Month is by doing the following:

Mentor the Future Welders

There are numerous ways a new welder can get started in the welding industry, but none is superior to giving them a guiding hand and supporting them as they learn the ropes of the industry.

As we celebrate the National Welding Month, we encourage you to reach out to new welders and take an active role in their development. Make them feel excited about learning the trade. Show them your special techniques for handling tough jobs.

It is by sharing any small amount of knowledge that we can make an impact on someone’s life. Let us all introduce a new student to the welding industry and teach them about the fantastic opportunities they can get by becoming welders.

Inspire Young Students

The National Welding Month is not just about speaking to the amateur welders. We also encourage the sharing of welding information to young students. The right way is by visiting the local schools during their school career day and speaking to them about the benefits of becoming a welder and the value of learning a skilled professional.

Join an Online Community

Education is an integral part of the National Welding Month. We encourage the sharing of welding information in person or through social media. Social media provides a platform to reach a considerable number of people.

We encourage every welder to be active on social media during April as we try to share more information on welding and answer any online questions other people may have.

Reach Out to The Tool Cabin

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Visit us at any time and have a look at our wide array of welding supplies in Tulsa. Let us make the National Welding Month count by celebrating and educating others about the importance of this skilled trade.