2020's Best Lineman Tools in Tulsa

September 30, 2020 at 6:00 AM
These are the best lineman tools of 2020

Linemen have a difficult job, and they need reliable, rugged tools to do their jobs properly and safely. Between the right pliers, cutters, cable knives, rulers, and wrenches, there’s a lot at stake when performing the work that needs to get done. And The Tool Cabin has Tulsa's Linemen's top tools of 2020 available to ensure you get the job done right.

Whether you’re looking for DeWalt, Milwaukee, Buckingham, or other leading brands, we’ve got you covered. With 2020 rounding the corner into 2021, we compiled a list of the year’s leading tools that have helped Tulsa’s linemen keep business moving during this wild year and into the next.


DeWalt has remained a leader in the tools industry for decades—and for good reason. It provides linemen with the quality tools they need to complete the job safely, and with tools that are made to stand up to the most challenging projects.

DeWalt’s Compound Action Lineman Pliers are no exception. Every lineman needs a pair of reliable pliers, and DeWalt delivers. These pliers offer induction-hardened cutting blades, delivering 70% more cutting power than your typical cutting pliers.

But linemen need much more than pliers. DeWalt’s 20V Max SR Cordless Cable Stripper Kit gives linemen the clean edge they need to peel away copper and aluminum electrical cable. This kit cuts time as well as it cuts cable, helping linemen knock out the job safely and quickly.


Whether you need to safely strip cable or perform another essential task, Milwaukee has the tools to get the job done. In 2017, the company launched its Shcokwave™ series specifically designed for power utility.

The Milwaukee Lineman’s Impact Auger Bits are designed to offer cleaner, quicker hole drilling capability. With a single spur design and wide flute geometry, you can expect a clean hole every time. Anti-friction PTFE coating delivers smooth drilling functionality and simple auger removal when you’re done.

Because Milwaukee is known for durability, it created its Shockwave™ Lineman’s 7/16” Hex to ½” Square Impact Socket Adapter to meet its reputation for long-lasting products. Its pin detent design means that it delivers a secure hold to the socket, offering much better retention than other similar products on the market.


Buckingham offers some of the industry’s leading tools and gear dedicated to linemen. But its Buckohm™ Buckretreiver™ may be the single piece of gear that allows linemen to perform their jobs with unparalleled safety.

Designed to be used with its manhole rescue lifeline kits and confined space retrieval system, the Buckohm™ Buckretriever™ harness offers three reflective loops in the back, two in the front, and a webhook across the chest for self-rescue. Its unique design sets it apart from others in the industry and affords linemen the reassurance they need to perform the job with confidence.

Get the job done with The Tool Cabin

All linemen need to know that the tools they’re using are going to live up to the rigors the job demands. Whatever you need to finish the task, you can be sure to find it at The Tool Cabin.

We have the selection Tulsa’s linemen and tradesmen need to get the job done right—and tools that are sure to stand the test of time. Reach out to us today to learn about financing options or about our wide selection of 2020’s top tools for linemen.